Welcome to the world of Goatfish

Where goats wear lederhosen...


mutton do the busting...

and llamas run security.


Goatfish is a game of herding goats, stealing them from other players, and sometimes feeding them to hungry honey badgers.

The goal of the game is to collect goat herds. The first player to collect the required number of herds wins. You get goat herd cards by asking other players for cards that match herds in your hand or by drawing from the draw pile.

As the game progresses and more herds are on the table the game becomes increasingly tense as action cards are played more frequently and players compete for the winning herds.

The game consists of 64 cards:

40 Goat (10 Herds) Cards
16 Action Cards
8 Defend Cards

Collect goat herds to win:


but watch out, while you are trying to herd your goats, other players will use action cards to try and slow you down...

steal your goat herds...


or worse: feed them to a hungry honey badger!


Luckily you can help protect your precious goat herds with defend cards:


With different options for actions and defense, each player can suit the game to their style: aggressive, passive, or somewhere in between.

Goatfish's combination of draw, request, action, and defend options creates a fun and highly interactive gaming experience with an element of chance but rewarding to players who employ attentive and strategic gameplay.